Saturday, January 18, 2014

To be a better artist, stop thinking...and start working!

I have spent a good part of my time trying to figure out how I want to draw, how I want to paint, how I want to market, and how I want to do just about anything with my art. I have spent so much time reading and studying that I've caused myself to stress more about my methods then about actually doing the work. I don't have the luxury of quitting my full-time NON-art job just yet so that means I'm going to have to schedule time to get my stuff done. I do have a few major projects in the works so what I'm doing so far is working I just need to stop thinking and start doing.

I was quite upset with myself a few weeks ago because I hit a creative block (is there a such thing?) and just couldn't seem to move past it. I was thinking too much. I was stressing about what method would be right, what approach I needed to take, and what goal I needed to reach before I could call myself an artist. This bummed me out. Then it made me mad. Then I became sad. Then, I took a break from anything and everything and it hit me. Stop stressing about getting there and just start working. How do I expect to even become happy with my art when I'm not even working on any art to begin with?

I'm in awe of so many artists but I often forget that it took them hours, days, months, even years to get to the point that I'm in awe of. If I want to get there I need to commit the time and energy it takes to get there. That being said I need to stop typing and start drawing.

Here's my latest little guy and proof that I stopped thinking...and started doing!

Happy drawing!!

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