Saturday, December 5, 2015

Barney Tales Collection Book 1 now on Amazon!

I have been gone but you are not forgotten.

I swear it!!

I have been crazy busy working on my first published children's book.

It's Book 4 of the Barney Tales collection.

While we're waiting for it to come out, head on over to Amazon and grab your copy of the first book 'Barney Meets BeeBee'.

~Barney is such a friendly little kitty. He's curious, sweet, and always thoughtful. Barney was rescued from the kitty shelter with his pal Elmer and is so excited to start exploring and finding new adventures. Little does he know that those adventures are right around the corner. A scary masked monster, a fluffy cat named BeeBee, and a restored old race car all help Barney realize he has the courage to face whatever challenges may come his way.~

While I'm not the illustrator for Book 1, I will be included in the following books. Make sure to grab the whole collection.

I might be a little biased, but these are the cutest books ever!!

Order your copy of Barney Meets BeeBee now on

Also, don't want to miss out on the release dates for the following books? Of course you don't!
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